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Our success fee is your success, we develop your business and only benefit from added value.

Our Team

SOS4Busiess consists of an experienced team of specialised professionals. Our team is crafted according to your strengths and weakness. The result, the most effective and efficient solution for you.

Peter Rosslyn-Smith

• Develop and Manage a complete Human Capital programme.
• Identify, Develop and Manage sustainable Manufacturing practises.
• Identify, Develop and Manage best practises in Safety, Risk, R&D and Manufacturing.
• Conducting and Managing Strategy Intervention.

Steven Short

• Preparation, implementation and monitoring of operational business plans.
• Identifying capital requirements and assisting with the raising of finance.
• Developing and implementing financial operating systems.
• Developing and implementing financial policies and procedures.
• Enterprise risk management.
• Financial modelling.
• Management and development of financial personnel.

Kobus Nel

Advocate of the High Court of SA, divisional Managing Director of LabourAct.

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Email info@sos4business.co.za or choose to call us at Tel +27 74 414 7200